Cosmic Beauty Box as Dressing Table
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Cosmic Beauty Box as Dressing Table

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In the dark corner of a storage was hiding a very strange walnut box on four legs. Its top used to be completely replaced, because an old lady might keep her plants on it, and the pouring water destroyed its surface.

We decided to make something special, a small dressing table, yes, from the box. First of all we needed longer legs, because the old ones were to low to hold a table. We picked our favourite constellations from the star map, mixing with other belongings from world space, paying homage to the design world’s fascination with space travel in the 1960s – and we printed them to the oak veneer of the new top. Naturally we replaced the mirror inside, which is the most important part of a beauty cabinet.

Dimensions: 55 x 78-119.5 x 45 cm, knee space: 64 cm

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