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Unique Pendant by VEB Leuchtenwerk DDR 60’s

70 000 Ft

Small Size Green Wall Light by Sándor Heller, 70’s

14 000 Ft

Artisan Milkglass Table Lamp with Red Metal, 70’s

26 000 Ft

Adjustable Table Lamp in Burgundy Color, 70’s

55 000 Ft

Metal Pendant by VEB Metaldrücke Halle, 1970’s

32 000 Ft

Black and White Lamp with Clip

12 000 Ft

Meblo Guzzini ‘Faro’ Orange Table Lamp, 1970’s

165 000 Ft

Meblo Guzzini ‘Faro’ Orange Pendant, 1970’s

95 000 Ft
Sold out

Tamás Borsfay Chrome Pendant in Beautiful Condition

Sold out

Rare Harvey Guzzini ‘Grande Bud’ Floor Lamp in Cappuccino Color, 1960’s (beautiful condition)

550 000 Ft

Rare Harvey Guzzini Pendant in Cappuccino Color, 1960’s

195 000 Ft

Small Green and Black Cloured Tin Pendant, 1960s (only 1 black available)

14 000 Ft

Small Artisan Wooden Wall Lamp with Black Shade

22 000 Ft

Space Age Pendant by Luigi Colani

55 000 Ft

Adorable Art-Deco Pendant with Chrome Parts

65 000 Ft
Sold out

Slim Black Metal and Chrome Table Lamp, 1970’s

Sold out

Gorgeous Brass Glass Wall Lamp, 1950’s

38 000 Ft

Orange and White Plexi Pendants in Pair by Szarvasi, 1970’s

52 000 Ft

Large Size German Hand Made Plexi Pendant by Cristallux

85 000 Ft

Gorgeous White Floor Lamp with Copper Parts

128 000 Ft