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Sold out

František Jirák Restored Folding Sofa with Ottoman

Sold out

McIntosh Teakwood Chairs in Set of 6 (2 armchairs and 4 chairs)

380 000 Ft

Péter Ghyczy Iconic Eggchair

420 000 Ft
Sold out

Hand-Painted Pagholz Plywood Chairs

Sold out

Cow Leather Chair on Iron Legs, 70’s

135 000 Ft

Hand Painted Mandala Wooden Chair

70 000 Ft

DoDo Chrome Chair with Original Upholstery 70’s

Original price was: 55 000 Ft.Current price is: 36 000 Ft.

Jaroslav Smidek Restored Armchairs with Striped Upholstery, 1950’s

Original price was: 165 000 Ft.Current price is: 132 000 Ft.

Rare Set of Art Deco Blue Wooden Coffee Table with 4 Chairs

Original price was: 420 000 Ft.Current price is: 336 000 Ft.

Mid-Century Armchairs with Fresh Upholstery, 1960’s

Original price was: 115 000 Ft.Current price is: 92 000 Ft.

Chrome Chairs with Original Leather Upholstery, 70’s

65 000 Ft

Jaroslav Smidek Beechwood Armchairs with Pastel Blue Upholstery, 50’s

Original price was: 155 000 Ft.Current price is: 124 000 Ft.

Mid-Century Anthracite Armchairs 70’s

Original price was: 95 000 Ft.Current price is: 76 000 Ft.

Restored Ashwood Chairs in Set of 4

Original price was: 260 000 Ft.Current price is: 208 000 Ft.