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Industrial Rolling Chrome Floor Lamp, 70’s

95 000 Ft

Beautiful Unique Glass Pendant with Copper Parts

68 000 Ft

Pastel Green Wall Lamps in Pair, 70’s

48 000 Ft

Giant Milkglass Shade German Table Lamp

95 000 Ft

Zicoli Leuchten Vintage Glass Wall Lamp, Germany

115 000 Ft

Zicoli Leuchten Vintage Glass Pendant Lamp, Germany

85 000 Ft

Zicoli Leuchten Vintage Glass Wall Lamp, Germany

55 000 Ft

Tiny Vintage Table Lamp with Glass Shade, 50’s

22 000 Ft

Pretty Copper Pendant with Glass Shade (few pieces available)

58 000 Ft

Wonderful Copper Pendant with Asymmetrical Glass Shade

68 000 Ft

Gorgeous Art Deco Copper Table Lamps in Pair

95 000 Ft

Mid-century Copper Table Lamp with Tulip Shaped Glass Shade

44 000 Ft

‘DDR’ Red Glass Pendant, 70’s

75 000 Ft

Plexi Wall Lamp by Szarvasi, 70’s

18 000 Ft

Tiny Vintage Blue Table Lamp, 70’s

24 000 Ft

Pretty Copper Wall Lamp with Glass Shade

55 000 Ft

Rare ‘Lucerna’ Stanging Lamp by Guzzini from Meblo

235 000 Ft

Lovely Floor Lamp with Original Shade

85 000 Ft

Footballer Table Lamp by Szarvasi

65 000 Ft

Bauhaus ‘Gooseneck’ Table Lamp

42 000 Ft